Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day night cricket matches in India...

India has a billion plus people. We all know about the disparity in the income distribution, in other words, while some have ample surplus, lots others cant afford a decent meal/roof/education for themselves/their families.

I am sure, not many of us would have forgotten the movie "Swades", where an NRI character faces the lack electricity in the villages and does something about it. Well, I am not trying to induce interest in electricity generation using the means shown in the movie, rather trying to showcase the situation in our villages, especially with respect to electricity availability.

There is a huge chunk of indian population that goes without access to electricity every day/night. Though government is doing its bit, there clearly is a gap between the effort and the reality. The reasons to that are manifold, ranging from power distribution network to power generation capacity.

Here I want to point out the fact that if we save enough, be careful in how we spend energy/electricity, we'd be helping the govt efforts to provide electricity to everyone. Remember, every bit saved is bit generated.

On one hand we face situation like this, and on the other hand, we have extravagance like day/night cricket matches where towers of flood lights consume energy enough to light up villages for days and days in a single day. This in my very personal view is a huge waste of energy, given that we have a scarcity of electricity. Thats my view, even though I claim myself to be an ardent fan of cricket myself.

Had we had some surplus energy, or may be if we were at least break even on our energy needs and generation, I would probably be advocating other way round. Look at the more developed countries like UK or for that matter any other country which do not have the energy problem, I dont mind such countries expanding energy on things like this. But something like this, happening in India, I dont feel quite nice about that.

There could probably be a simpler solution, just hold the day matches. I dont really want to be in a advisor role to BCCI or any other body, but there might be other solutions to the problem. A simpler one, thats prevalent in UK County league, hold matches on weekends. Perhaps hold smaller matches and more than one in a single day.

Further, and probably I would find more supporters on this argument, just hold lesser matches. Now a days, there is something or other cricket tournament going on every other week. This, that or the other. Cricket is going on too much these days. Sometimes its hard to follow as well.

If you'd play lower number of matches, you save all the resources, not the least my argument of the day, electricity.

I know that there are going to be voices about my are welcome. Just leave a comment on the post.

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