Friday, April 16, 2010

Computerization of Indian Railways...

Has it helped people.. You bet...

Lots of services are provided by Indian Railways to people over internet nowadays, including reservation and tracking a train.

Perhaps its not perfected yet, and there are issues sometimes here and there, but its there and working and working most of the times.

I am particularly fan of these two services, book a ticket and receive it in my mailbox, print it and travel. Simple, no hassles etc.. I think travel cant get simpler than this. All you need is an internet connection and a credit/debit card or a net banking account, and you are all set to plan your travels from the comfort of your xxxtop computer.

Try it here -

And then there is this train tracking facility. I think this one rates even better than the previous one. You can actually, to a accuracy level of upto 90% track and see your train's movement. Quite a few times it has helped me plan my journey from my home to station to be just in time. Calling up Railway Station inquiry numbers is a hassle that we all want to avoid, and this site comes like a life saver.

Just find your train, and you are set to track the movement of your train, whether its running on time or late or whatever. The route is also available and is equally handy.

Try it here -

in reference to: Running Time Table of Trains (view on Google Sidewiki)