Saturday, December 2, 2006

Apartment blues contd..

the search for apartment continues...

really.. its frustrating.. i saw two apartments.. and by the time we were reaching the place for third apartment, there was an SMS announcing that the flat is already gone. nothing doing.

Well.. the apartments are truly costly in this city as well... paying 1200-1300 Swiss Francs for a 2-2.5 room apartment.. isn't that crazy ? Well... as it is...

Earlier I was renting an apartment 2 rooms for 850 SFr only. and now I can only talk about it...someone else is living in it... although from my own company. He took it when I was gone trying to arrange or my wife's travel documents.

People around here in office do sympathize... but that does not help much really.. does it ... I hope some help arrives from somewhere...

Another saturday passed by. A mixed day with almost no tangible results.

Went to visit a flat, had to leave it due to quite a few factors.. all added up to the decision.
Some "shady" residents around there, the approach to the house, the fact that she did not like it too much, the toilet situation.. all in all, not one of those flats where you walk in and say ... wow.. i want it... still in our situation it was one choice... out of the few we have these days.

then i took her to see the flat i was renting earlier.. i hoped she would like it... but then there is another person living there already. She liked it for sure... but now we have to wait for him to find another place and leave before we can move in. Hope that happens soon enough.

If that doesn't happen... quite a few things will go wrong... :(