Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Apartment blues contd..

Well, just when we thought we have got our apartment, we got another jolt. The renting agency on which we were waiting for a decision as to whether we get the flat or not refused to answer on their predecided date. Earlier they said that they will decide (probably no for me as well) by the friday that passed by.

Unfortunately for us, they did not. Even worse, they said that they cannot give any dates as to when can that decision be taken.

Now, our second best choice, another apartment, for which the renting agency was ok renting it to us. But, when we called them on friday (after getting to know from the first choice place), they were already closed for the day.

This basically resulted in destruction of our weekend from the moving perspective. Now we did not know whether we could have the flat of our 1st choice, and the decision to move to 2nd choice apartment could not be executed since the keys needed to mvoe were stil to be handed over to us.

Here we are ...still in hotel... trying to do things to pass our time.. and not worry about loss of time that we would have to move during the workdays in the coming week.

I believe its a tough test someone has administered on us... really tough... not letting the life stabilize. Its been almost an year plus that we are waiting for things to stabilize.

well...we'll keep trying...