Thursday, January 18, 2007

Culture ambassador

Got two colleagues at home for tea, after office.

It was fascinating experience. The discussion was very interesting, my wife joined the discussion as well.

Somehow, it turned towards the culture and cuisine discussion. The thing is, with me and her together with europeans, it always happens, without fail. The discussions always tend to turn towards the people and the place.

We talked of various things, how is this particular dish prepared, hows that done. I think the understanding of people about Indian cuisine is spreading fast. People do know about it, and it amazes me as to how much do they know on their own. About spices, the way Indian fooding habits are, the reasoning of eating such food and all that.

Sometime, we feel that people like us, who travel away from their home and live in other countries for work etc, have another role to play other than being regular "foreginers" in that country. The very fact that we are from our native country there, bestows us with the responsibility of representing our country there.

I cant say whether or not we fulfilled that responsibility I just mentioned, but I feel that we should do that. Thats a much truer version of culture spreading to other lands, better than films, sponsored promotions, delegations etc.

Personally, I like talking about my culture, gives me a sound platform to tell them, "Guys, look at me. I am from India. A developing country, managed to do as much as you see in 50-60 years, which your western countries have been able to do in few hundred years." That sort of feeling makes me so proud, I love that.

Love India.