Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cricketing Euphoria

I did not had the chance to watch matches from the first two editions of IPL live.

For the first one, I was not in India, and Europe doesnt like Cricket as much as they like Soccer.
For the second, I was working out of a day night schedule. Not enough time to catch up on the favourite sport..

However, luckily this time around, I am here, and probably have life going on a bit easy to be able to watch some matches.

It genuinely is like euphoric atmosphere. People going mad about it. Everyone you speak to, generally this topic shows up. My team.. your team.. that player.. this player.. that shot... that over... ohh.. so much of it..

On the other hand, some people are saying that there is just too much cricket going on. Sometimes their point looks good too.. Now, in the IPL season, there is a match every day.. sometimes two a day. And it goes on like this for quite a while.. I guess 7 weeks or so..

People at home (femalefolk to be precise) are already getting nervous... Everyday the same thing... at least its like that at my place...no big fans of cricket except me.. Other things take backseat, household assignments reserved for me never completed on time, sometimes forgotten too...

And then, its not me only. Almost everyone around the place is getting the same feelings/treatments...

Sometimes I love this, other times not so much...