Thursday, August 5, 2010

Corruption @ Common Wealth Games in Delhi

I guess you have missed out the latest reports in Indian newspapers regarding the corruption scandal that has broken out of the CommonWealth Games Organizing committee. They are renting stuff for 45 days by paying more money than is required to buy that item in first place. Contracts have been given to the relatives of the OC members, and stadium rooftops are falling down hours after inauguration.

All this results in more money being spent, in addition to the insult that the nation carries because of this bunch of "organizers". And who pays the money, the poor taxpayer like me and you (assuming you are a salaried indian). The fact that the budget of the event has come to about 10 times the original estimates is an alarm bell nobody is ready to listen to. At this moment, everybody is in a mood, "ok, so what if some corruption happened, some planning glitches, they happen everywhere. Lets spend some more of tax payer money, and try to fix it."

I read a statement by Mr Aiyyar, where he was wishing for the games to fail. Perhaps its a cost that other nations need not pay (by appearing in a failed games event), but may be thats what this corrupt govt system needs to wake up, and change a few things for good...

I dont even want to start about the level of preparations for the event, and the mismanagement that is rampant in there... Let me just say this much, I've never felt worse on being part of what its they call "India". Its genuinely a shame to be called from the same country as these corrupt organizers and their bosses are...

Just one example to point to the corruption level, they are renting, mark my word, renting, not buying a chair for the event (i.e. about 6 weeks) for about 8000 INR, which would be used by spectators, whereas you can buy a decent chair for a few hundred rupees... Thats the worth of taxpayer's money in this country... and this report was filed by Vigilence committee a while back, nobody took note of it, until someone filed a RTI request...

Shame organizers.. shame..

in reference to: The Commonwealth Games: “Is It Safe?” - India Real Time - WSJ (view on Google Sidewiki)