Monday, May 15, 2006

Helping people and fighting with myself

Well, here goes another monday. hah...

It was a funny day, its rare when people offer to help you, and that too more than one person offering help on a single topic simultaneously.

I needed an open laptop/personal computer to access internet from home since I inteded to use voice over IP for calling parents/wife at home. Since the company laptop does not allow VoIP, I had asked a few colleagues to look for possible alternatives.

Well, what alternatives they suggested. One of them brought me his old IBM laptop with Linux Ubuntu installed on it. I had never used or even heard about Ubuntu before, but there he was offering it.

And another colleague offered his German language Operating system based Dell laptop (he is on vacation next 12 days).

Wow, that's help. !! Thanks guys.

However, all of my evening went by in asking the linux installation to accept my internet connection. I was missing a crucial step which was very important. I needed to restart networking after plugging in my network cable. And I was not doing it. All sorts of configuration playing around here and there.. I did not restart the system or the networking interface.

Then one nice guy on Ubuntu forums suggested that to me and it worked immediately. I can't help that guy enough.

If you want, you can look at those forums at

The day was ok. Actually not good, I just lost my touch for working full heartedly. I didn't feel like going to office, forgot some stuff already at home when leaving.

Then it was the stock market crash everywhere in the world. and i was busy getting my money out and buying cheaper stocks while they were falling... for some time.

Then I got the dreadful news from embassy. It seems things are moving... albeit slowly... very slowly...It has passed from one office and now is in a different office, in Switzerland somewhere. Hope it gets processed quickly... Really.. its now getting over the head now.

there are times in day when I just can't concentrate. Don't feel like. And thats when I feel, its time to go home. Relax. May be take a little holiday.

Lets see... normally all my holidays/weekends are spent in front of my laptop (if i am alone). And I guess there is another long weekend coming ... I hate to have so much free time without her being here with me. :(